Ballet -Salute to Michael JacksonOct.20th, 21st, 22nd  Academy Theatre and out door




“ Sometimes I daydream about the future. Will it be just as I imagine?

Filled with love, laughter and clarity, or will mistakes, fear and destiny turn it all in different directions? In my daydreams I create a love story, during the night I dream about the rain, and for the future, I just dream as BIG as I can.”


In DREAMS the audience is invited to join 16 young dancers from The Asteroids Dance Company in Denmark on a dream journey filled with passion, dynamic and hope. Throughout the performance the Asteroids open their heart and show the audience what they dream about right now at this stage in their life. Through movement the dancers will fill the stage with their different personalities and they will unite in finding ways to embrace their dreams.


DREAMS is based on a research among the dancers. A research focusing on the dancers thoughts about being a teenager in Denmark. DREAMS is choreographed by Lene Bonde, but throughout the process the Asteroids have been contributing with their own movements and ideas for the performance.

The 16 dancers will be dancing both to live music, their own recorded voices and music composed only for this performance. Furthermore the Asteroids will dance to some familiar European songs, and even a cello will appear on the stage. 


THE ASTEROIDS DANCE COMPANY is based at the Royal Ballet School in Holstebro, Denmark where the 14-16 years old dancers are students. They are trained in Hip Hop, Ballroom dance and Contemporary dance, and in this performance they will share what their dreams through the contemporary style.



Dancers: The Asteroids Dance Company

Choreographer: Lene Bonde

Music: Mads Emil Nielsen

Running time: 45 minutes