Beckoning2015/10/17-18 19:30  STA Theatre

 Cloud Gate

(1)  Synopsis

  •   Blue Hour

The inspiration came to Zheng ZongLong when he saw the magical blue before dawn. The performance intended to describe our inner world with body movements. Six female dancers with black elegant dresses, acted separately and discontinuously, just like confession alone. Those movesmay seem to be neither beautiful nor natural, but you will feel a sense of hesitation and grief through the pace and costumes.

②  Lai

The latest work Lai, sourced from the folk belief and cultural background, is commented as “ a mixture of traditions between East and West, a fresh and novel expression, and an explicit explanation of concept of arts. Mr. Zheng intended to explore all the possibilities in Lai. He oncesaid: "in my childhood, I was a fanatic of folk beliefs, such as the gesture and position of the statue, the old tradition and rite passed down and the expression of them. What I am trying to do in this dance is not only about acting out those characters, but also about using physical movements to evokethe culture in our memory.

③  Light

Inspired by Tango, pure and intense, even people surrounded can feel the delightandwant to participate in it. When the performance began, the dancer seem to move in the light, the only light came out from the dark sky.


⑵  Artist Profile

  • Lin HuaiMin

Lin, was a novelist once, andhe began to learn dancing when he was studyingin the United States of America. He established the Cloud Gate Celebrates in 1973, and the Cloud GateⅡ in 1999. He also invited Luo ManFei to work as the art director. After Luo passed away, Mr. Lin took over the position himself, and in 2014, Zheng ZhongLong was assigned by the board directors to be the CAO. The two dancing troupes go on a lot of tours each year and enjoy a world-wide reputation. Mr. Lin gets inspiration from the traditional Asian culture and aesthetics. Lin enjoys the position as the emeritus doctor in six universities including Taiwan and HongKong, and many other prizes such as Life Achievement Award, Ramon Magsaysay Award, Asia heroic figure listed in Time. In 2012, invited by Rolex Foundation, Lin served as a mentor of dance in the sixth Rolex Mentor and Protégé.

  • Chief Arts Director:  Zheng ZongLong

Graduated from Taipei University of Arts, he was a dancer in the troupe as well. His production began in 2002, and won his lots of prizes. He first came to be the assistant CAO, and became the chief Art Director two years later. He was the executive director of Taiwan countdown ceremony in 2010. He was listed as the person of 2011 by Performing Arts Review Magazine. During the same year, the world famous film director invited Mr. Zheng to do the choreography for his mono-drama Only You. He was sponsored by Asia Culture Council to further his study in New York in December.

  • Choreographer: Huang Yi

Graduated from Graduate Institute of Choreography and Performance, Taipei University of Art. Mr. Lin once commented him as “ incredibly gifted child”. Huang is especially good at mixing complex images with simple body movements. He also has corporation with many famous musicians. What’s more, he is well recognized all over the world. In 2005, his Messed won the best piece in the American Dance Festival. In 2011, his Murmuring won the second prize in Denmark Cross Connection Competition. He himself was once listed as the top 25 terpsichorean by the Dance Magazine. Besides Light, his works also included Ta-ta for now, Special order and so on.

  • Produced by Cloud Gate Ⅱ

Although sounds like an affiliation to the Cloud Gate Celebrates, it does not train any staff for the brother troupe. Nor is it restricted by Mr. Lin’s choreography. Actually, many well-known choreographers are invited to do the work, such as Hai Ning, Gu MingShen, Wu GuoZhu, Bulareyaung, Zheng ZhongLong and Huang Yi, resulting in the varied styles. Each year, its periodical release Spring Riot, has been an unique scenery drawing the audience’s attention.