Physical Theatre 《Hymn to disappearance》2015/10/17 17:00 20:00  Black-box Theatre

  Hymn to Disappearance

⑴. Synopsis

In the form of the “pass the parcel”game rendered by body gesture, dance and traditional masks, Zhao Miao recounts tales about revolution, lies, confession, fratricide, generation gap, solitude, parting, life and romance.  By integrating traditional Eastern culture with modern values, these nine stories, with a touch of surrealism, humor and banter, unfold silently and penetrate an intimate world that even words cannot describe.


⑵. Artist Profile

Zhao Miao

Mr.Zhao is the drama producer and chief inspector of SanTuoQi company. Graduated from the directing department of the Central Academy Of Drama, he learned method acting from Professor Jiang RuoYu during the process to a master of directing. The sad humor and great imagination constitute his unique style.  His intention is to explore the poem hidden in our body. His creation is deeply influenced by the French method and style.

SanTuoQi Company

Founded in 1996, Theatre SanTuoQi is an independent physical theatre company dedicated to innovative, poetic and imaginative works.

With the production of Aquatic (Premiere at Festival d’Avignon 2012, invited to Theatre des Bouffes du Nord, Theatre Chinois, Shanghai International Arts Festival 2013, and National Performing Arts Centre China), the company became the first theatre company that explores dance with Chinese Noah, one of the most ancient forms of folk opera from South West China.