Dance Theatre - Escaping from the TempleOct. 20th - 21st, 2015  Lyceum Theatre

Escaping from the Temple is adapted from a classic play in Chinese opera, which is famous for its intricate singing technique and delicate emotion.  Legend says that only a true star can master the role.  Adapted into dance theatre for the first time, the work is a combination of ritualistic ambience, various musical elements and body movements.  The story shows a young monk and a young nun meet coincidentally when they are escaping from their temple.  Breaking all the rules and taboos of their religion, they keep their practice in secular blissfulness.


Zhao Liang

Zhao Liang is a contemporary dance artist and choreographer.  For him, dance is a unique tool to communicate between the mind and body.  He has been researching the relationship between physicality and theatre/non-theatre spaces and exploring the possible languages for dance performance, specifically experimenting on the contemporary dance creation in connection with multiple traditional cultures and their elements.  He connects drama, dance, sound/visual art and a lot of other art forms, with his very sensitive way of understanding the world.  He has won many awards at home and abroad.