A Historic Concert2015/10/18 19:30  Black-box Theatre

A Historic Concert


Harmonizing European music and Chinese opera, this joint concert will be a testimony to the stage where two remarkable cultures communicate through music as a borderless language.

Different historical backgrounds form the diversity of music. In Europe, classical music and philosophy developed along parallel lines, both striving for intellectual innovation and metaphysical depths. In China, traditional opera evolves congruous with dynasties in pursuit of quintessential exquisiteness and eternal gracefulness. This concert presents you the magical chemicals when Western and Eastern classical music converge on the same stage.


Artist Profile

SHEN Yili (Kunqu Opera Actress)

Shen Yili graduated from the Shanghai Theatre Academy as a drama performance major and has played leading roles in a great number of famous Kunqu operas including Peony Pavilion, Palace of Eternal Youth and so on. Shen also actively participated in performances and lectures in Britain, France, America, Taiwan and Hong Kong to promote the development of Kunqu Opera.

QIAN Yin (Flute)

Qian Yin graduated from Shanghai Theatre Academy specializing in Kunqu Opera. Qian is National First Grade Instrumentalist, council member in Shanghai Dramatists Association, member in Shanghai Musicians Association and chief flute in Shanghai Kunqu Opera Group.

NING Feng (Violinist)

Prize-winning violinist Ning Feng is one of the most exciting of the younger generation of top-level players. Ning was born in China and studied playing the violin at the age of four. He then learned from violin masters Hu Weimin and later, Antje Weithaas. He was the winner of Queen Elisabeth Competition in 2001 and Paganini International Violin Competition in 2006. He now lives in Berlin, a base for his career performing concertos and recitals all around the world (Such as the Budapest Philharmonic Orchestra).

CHANG Yu-Fen (Composer)

CHANG Yu-Fen studied and obtained her “diplôme supérieur” from Brussels Royal Conservatory. She performs all over Europe, Russia included. In Belgium, her country of residence, she has performed in all the major concert-halls and festivals: Klara Festival, Midis-Minimes, Ars Musica, BOZAR (recitals and with NOB-ONB), Flagey, Handelsbeurs, Brussels Royal Conservatory and so on. She combined Ustvolskaya with Mozart for a concert with The Ural Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Dmitri Liss. From 2011, she was invited to perform in Brazil and Mexico.


Patrick DE CLERCK (Curator)

Patrick de Clerck directed the biggest music festivals and concert series in Belgium (Klara Festival, European Gala Concerts, Ars Musica). He was also director of Worldwide Music Festival in Europe and Escapades, a government-funded music program in Belgium. De Clerck also did classical music and was creative director of Flanders Festival Brussels and general director of Ars Musica. He moved to MariinskyTheatrefor the New Horizons Festival, and founded Music Projects For Brussels.