Dance Theatre - Painted SkinOct. 17th - Oct. 18th, 2015  Malanhua Theater

Painted Skin is one of the best stories from Strange Stories From a Chinese Studio.  It satirizes the way in which people are adept at "painting skins" for themselves, dressing themselves up with an appealing exterior while hiding a debased soul within.  This performance seeks a less-travelled path at the same time while taking the story back to its essence.  The wife is cast as the main character as well as the malicious ghost, both played by the same male actor. The malicious ghost is borne out of the turns of the wife’s mind: her lack of faith gives rise to the ghost that tormented her husband, and her repentance is also capable of bringing her husband back from the dead.  This symbolic deconstruction of the story makes the performance a novel visual experience and creates endless possibilities for imagination.  Is the good wife a malicious ghost, or vice versa?  This structure, akin to an optical illusion that switches back and forth, conveys the essence of the work and the Eastern concept of beauty.


Yang Hailong

Graduated from College of Dance, Minzu University of China, Yang Hailong is now Executive Art Director of Beijing 9 Dance Theatre.  He used to work as a main dancer in Beijing Dance Drama & Opera and Beijing Dance Theatre.  Yang has been engaged in choreography in recent years and to Germany, Japan, France and the Netherlands for cultural exchanges and performances.  Yang’s masterworks include Salome, Ashes Rebirth, The Tea Spell and The Remaking of Humanity.  Ashes Rebirth was nominated for the Special Award by the Jury of the Second Denny Award in Beijing for International Excellence in Theatrical Arts and won the Golden Award of the Qunxing Award on the 10th China Art Festival.  The dance drama also received the subsidy for the performing arts from Beijing Cultural Bureau.