Contemporary Dance - Between N39° and N40°Oct. 17th - Oct. 18th, 2015  Duanjun Theater, STA

Between N39° and N49° is a work discussing "distance".  Over the years, the choreographer travels back and forth between New York and Beijing, which are located between 39 and 40 degrees north latitude, but across the Pacific Ocean with thousands of miles apart.  The physical distance is unchangeable.  People come and go, meet and part.  The distance of time cannot be changed either.  Night and day, darkness and dawn.  The river of memory is mixed with the aroma of coffee and sunshine on the streets.  Illusions rise from the harshest reality: between 39 and 40 degrees north latitude, what could never be changed is the distance between souls.


Lu Yahui

Lu Yahui is an independent choreographer and dancer.  From 2004 to 2012, she worked with Guangdong Modern Dance Company, Beijing Dance Theatre, and Hou Ying Dance Theatre.  She also worked with many renowned international artists including Sang Jijia, Zhang Xiaoxiong, Margaret Jenkins, Wang Yuanyuan, Hou Ying, and toured to international arts festivals at more than twenty countries.  As a young choreographer, her works include Nineteen Floors Underground, Drowning, Walk Gracefully Once, etc.  She relocated to New York in 2013 and has since worked with many choreographers and dance companies, and participated performance projects at Columbia University and New York University.  She returned to China in 2015 to create her new work "Face to Face", which was invited to participate the 32nd Annual Shanghai Spring International Music Festival.