Dance Theatre - Farewell My ConcubineOct. 17th - Oct. 18th, 2015  Duanjun Theater, STA

The King Disarmed is a classic solo piece played by Chinese traditional instrument Pipa.  Based on the historical story of Chu-Han combat in ancient China, this music piece tells of the tragic suicide of King Xiang at the back of the Wu River as he was struck by the eventual defeat at the Battle of Gaixia.  Farewell, my Concubine is a dance theatre adapted from the King Disarmed.  The theatre unfolds an unlinear historical narrative as Yu Ji's phantom is accidently awakened by Pipa performer Tang Xiaofeng's pipa music.  The theatre presents a dialogue between the ancient and the contemporary, man and female, the identity and the ego, time and space.


Ma Tao

Ma Tao is currently the resident choreographer of the Shanghai Opera House.  Graduated from the Department of Choreography at Beijing Dance Academy, Ma won many national and regional prizes in choreographing.  Among which there were the second prize of the 8th National Dance Competition, and the golden medal in the 2012 East China Professional Dance Competition.  His major works include Mulan (with Graeme Murphy and the Sydney Dance Company), Twelve Beauties of Jin Ling, The Champagne, Zhou Xuan and dance works Night Alley, Rain of the Fortress Besieged.  He's also involved in many cross-genre productions.


Tang Xiaofeng

Tang Xiaofeng, Pipa soloist of Shanghai Chinese Orchestra, one of the best young musicians of traditional folk instrument in China now.  Graduating from the Central Conservatory of Music, Tang accomplished his master degree on Pipa performance under the guidance of Pipa master Prof. Zhang Qiang.  He is the silver prize winner of the 2011 China Golden Bell Award.  Tang is dedicated to infusing up-to-dated elements into the contemporary interpretation of traditional folk music.