SeverOct. 16th, Oct. 19th, 2015  QSW(Q Hall)


Wrapped in an absurd and hyperbolical narrative, the music film revisits an ancient Chinese folk tale: Guan Yu beheaded Diao Chan. In this film adaptation, Guan Yu, the once proverbial historic hero in the Three Kingdom period, travels to the modern urban society and finds himself frustratingly debilitated day by day, while a modern thespian devoted to playing Diao Chan (a femme fatale in Guan Yu’s time), primps and preens herself for her performance, not knowing the tragic looms ahead. The two storylines are intertwined and eventually come to an end as Guan Yu severs Diao Chan on the stage, a symbolic scene with stark historical resemblance: back in the Three Kingdom period, Guan Yu killed Diao Chan for the sake of loyalty and justice. By juxtaposing this anachronism, this innovative rendition attempts to answer how we should reflect on our tradition.