Neoclassic Electronic Music - Day and NightOct. 16th, Oct. 19th, 2015  QSW(Q Hall)

Day and Night is an electronic neo-classic music piece with multimedia and installation recomposed from the 24 Preludes, Op.28 by Chopin 24 motives taken from each of the 24 preludes carefully weaved into 24 minutes of blasting enjoyment.  Discarding the original composing technique and inner structure of Chopin's work, Day and Night follows the shifting time within one day.  Starting from the midnight to dawn, noon, afternoon, dusk and coming back to the end of the day, the work will take you through the evolvement of modern music in the 21st century.


Song Siheng

Song Siheng started to study piano when he was 3, then he went to Shanghai Concervatory until 20-years-old.  After moving to Paris, he entered the Conservatoire de Pairs and began collecting many definitive prizes, such as Leeds, Dublin, and most importantly, the Grand Prize at the 2004 Long-Thibaud Piano Concours, making him the first Chinese to win this prestige competition.  Since his victory in Paris, Song Siheng has toured extensively, working with Halle Orchestra, Radio philharmonic de Frace, Vienna radio symphony orchestra, Orchestra de Swiss Romande, New Japan philharmonic and so on.  He is also the creator of Multimedia piano recital, making such as In search of Haruki Murakami, Blue, Chopin-Love, the 80's.  He is also one of the youngest jury member of the international piano competition.



LOU Nanli, best known by his stage name B6, is a multi-talented Electronic music pioneer, DJ, renowned designer, video and multi-media artist.  He has started creating electronic music and sound art since 1999.  His music works are critically acclaimed, such as B6 Box, Post Haze, My Post-Rock Yard and so on.  He has been interviewed and featured by many renowned TV programs and magazines.