Music Theatre: “I” Fantasie - Rencontre between Debussy and Du Li NiangOct.13th  Venue Shanghai Grand Theatre

Rencontre between Debussy and Du Liniang is the first work of Gu Jieting Studio’s musical theatre series “I” Fantasie. Gu Jieting integrates piano - an instrument from the Western culture, to the Oriental heritage - Kunqu opera. Based on the two distinguish classical forms of music, Gu reveals a spectacular visual and audio feast; she interprets the Western and the Easter cultures in innovative ways, while seeking for a connection between the classics and the contemporary.

The musical theatre is divided into three sections, including piano, Kunqu opera and the screen; they visualize the dialogue beyond space and time. “I” stands not only as “oneself” but for everyone involved in the audience; as “Fantasie” tells our longing for love and dreams. While the screen brings the audience through the flowing imaginations, the gentle notes of piano blending with ancient melodies bring us back to the charming nature of our fantasies. The versatile expressions fill the performance with intension yet the journey was led with an elegant pace.