Dance Theatre - Tang Shi Yi DanceOct.14th - Oct. 15th,2016  Duanjun Theater, STA

From a contemporary perspective, "The Flowing Dance  From Tang Poetry" guides the audience into the poems written in Tang Dynasty, leads them to perceive the immensity and mystery of the line of verse "Who, by the river, catches the first glance of the moon?Will the moon above the river, by any chance, shine on us soon?" and to sense the profound affection of "There is an end to any love story, while this regret will last beyond history", and holds a dialogue with tradition by using the modern elements of classical dancing.


Tang Shiyi

Graduated from Beijing Dancing Academy in 2010, the top professional dancing educator throughout China, Tang Shiyi now heads the China National Opera&Dance Drama Theater as leading dancer.  Tang has since won champions in a row in various domestic dancing competitions and played leading actress to date among large-scale dance dramas in China.  Apart from two classic folk dances Fine Rain&Orchid and Endless Nostalgia, her representative dance dramas also include Where The Legend Begins, Confucious and Pursuit of Dream on Silk Road.  In 2015, she led all the way to champion and was crowned as "super dancer" in Super Dancer Born Tonight host by CCTV (China Central Television).  The works she starred are essentially inspired by traditional Chinese culture ranging from ancient poems to historical stories.  The Chinese stories catapult her dance to stardom, and she, in turn, vitalizes Chinese culture with her body language in her own way.