Hot PotOct. 20/21, 2017 19:30  Malanhua Theatre

The story is about the flashbacks of Bi Dayou (old B)’s lifetime memory, a hotpot restaurant owner at the last moment of his life.

Looking at the guests he encountered in the hot pot restaurant is like seeing his own life. The young couple reminded the old B of his youth, while the middle-aged poor couple took him back to his failed marriage.

No matter how successful or how hard a person’s life was, there should be countless memories of himself.In a sense, the fragments of these memories constitute his entire life. Guests in the hot pot restaurant are pieces of a noisy real life.And these pieces collide with old B's life experience with sparks. Then, the story goes into these 'sparks’ which connect old B’s important slices of life together. It turns out all those guests in the hot pot restaurant are with old B in different ages.Finally, the story goes back to the current, those guests are still guests, but old B already left. We try to go deep into the trivial pieces of life and show the essence of the joys and sorrows in life through a nobody’s various feelings.

The work itself cannot give an answer, but it is intended to show and explore.

Playwright: Guan Bo
Director: Zha Wenyuan
Stage Design: Zhang Kunpeng
Lighting Design: Huang Yi
Assistant Lighting Design: Huai Ruibiao
Composer: Zhang Yixin
Movement Design: Wang Peixian
Image Designer: Feng Keer
Stage Manager: Lin Zhihao
Cast: Cai Hongxiang, Yang Guang, Li Linyi, Liu Ning, A li mi re