Beyond the StillnessOct. 21st - 22nd, 2017  Duanjun Theatre, STA


  In our fickle time where impulse is given free reign, individuals are in a constant state of anxiety, obsessed by both loss and gain. Learning how to find one’s position in a rapidly moving society and reconcile oneself with surroundings has become a necessity.

  The inspiration from the choreography of this performance is the concept of ‘stillness’ from Eastern Aesthetics. Stillness is a delicate state of balance. The surface may appear placid, but a violent confrontation is taking place underneath.

  Beyongd the Stillness is composed of three pieces ’Solitude’, ‘No Man is a lonely Island’ and ’A Group of Three is a Collective’ presenting the complexity of human three conditions. The language of the dancers’ movements tells the hidden fluctuations occurring beneath a seemingly calm surface, and the constant adjustments maintaining a composed appearance.

  Like walking on a balance beam, the dancers are constantly pulled by two opposing forces. Eventually, their struggles lead to an enlightenment. They are reconciled with both themselves and the multitude of reality, and regain a clear and empty state of mind.



  Choreography:Zheng Jie
  Music Producer:Fu Te
  Stage Design:Liu Haifei
  Lighting Design:Chen Xiaji
  Costume Design:De Jing
  Visual Design:Gong Jue / DATESE Studio
  Copywriter:Tang Mengjie
  Actor:Gu Xiaochuan, Luan Tianyi, Zhao Wuyue, Li Lin