The Destiny of RebirthOct. 21st - Oct. 22nd, 2017  New Space Theatre, STA


  Three hundred years ago, Chen Duansheng, the author of The Destiny of Rebirth (Zai Sheng Yuan), wrote a heroine Meng Lijun who was ahead of the times but could not break through the shackles of tradition. Then she stopped writing, leaving the story unfinished.

  Today, the adapted story gives more meanings to the heroine. With life billows, Meng Lijun becomes a woman who pursuits equality and freedom. Meanwhile, she is quite clear that from the viewpoint of the worldly eyes, marriage is the only way for females to be happy. Even though women are as talented as men, they often feel helpless trying to fulfill their dreams against the reality.

  We hope that after “rebirth” of Meng Lijun, her ‘free mind’ will provoke more self-reflection and compassion against women of the modern society.


Presenter:Liang Hongjun
Producer:Xu Yuping
Conception:Xin Yaqin
Playwright:Zhou Qian
Director:Zhang Lei
Aria Design:Jin Liang
Stage Design:Zhang Daming
Lighting Design:Fang Qiong
Clothing Design:Liu Xinhui
Deputy Director:Meng Limin
Composer:Zhao Bin
Music Director:Zhang Zhilin
Music Arrangement:He Xianyun
Overall Arrangement:Wu Jiayan, Huang Qi
Stage Manager:Xia Zhiyong
Meng Lijun:Xin Yaqin
Huang Di:Wang Qing
Huang Fu Shaohua:Wang Rousan
Yuan Sheng:Gao Rui
Guitar:Zhang Zhilin
Balladry Actor:Hou Xiaosheng
Violin:Yang Wenxi