The Game of Empty BoxOct. 21st - Ocr. 22nd, 2017  Black Box Theatre, STA


  The clear stage looks like an empty open box. The creator and the observer are together, to construct a real and virtual relationship here. There is always an empty box stored inside of everyone's heart. Reality and dreams are intertwined with potential personal awarenesses.

  In her empty box, full noises and solitudes from the urban jungle, eagering to break through the barriers of communication, but facing the failure again and again.

  That "she", is so familiar but also strange, dangerous but full of temptations. Dose she have the courage to face the fact, when the consciousness touches the other herself in this empty box?

  Death comes down to the earth, whom keeps the routinism, whom looking forward to be changed, beginning to put the first stage property in the empty box of his own......

  Three stories, three paragraphs of inner self, when all the boxes are opened, what will happen......


  Playwright:Zhang Lingnan, Zhang Chuyin
  Director: Huang Saifeng/Wang Junjie, Xie Di
  Producer:Yu Xiuxiu
  Visual Design:Dai Wei
  Lighting Design:Li Yun
  Clothing Designer:Guan Feng
  Music Design:Ma Haiping
  Stage Manager :Gao Fufeng
  Actor : Yu Mingpei, Dong Xin, Wang Junjie, Tian Yuan, Li Xiaoxiao, Wang Moer