Multimedia Concert - The Unknown EnlightenmentOct. 22nd- Oct. 23rd, 2017  CWI Children’s Palace

YIN5 prompts a contemporary conversation between the refined traditional music and a new spirit.  The collaboration between electronic music and the traditional Chinese flute, in addition to the stage design under the assistance of new media visual technology, is to create a brand-new acoustic experience and to reflect the perception of the contemporary generation.  The humanistic expression of the Chinese flute dubs the string section.  A novel visual and acoustic performing experience for the performers and the reception of the audience are thus generated under the electronic synthesized sound.  The on-site matrix of mirrors are arranged to refer to the wooden stage floor from the ancient times.  They are in a way turned into the remains coming from the Other World.  They are ready to be awakened anytime.  The variety of mirrors simulates the cracks of the time and space.  As the flue changes, the mirrors begin to twist between reality and the virtuality in form of color and motion graphics, resembling the scattered memories.  All the elements are waken up with the organic tunes.  The door of the Other World has opened.  The matrix of the Nature has also arrived as it is called upon.  YIN5 is an experimental site.  It is also a platform where the dreamers with shared ambitions (YIN 5 Ren) exploring the emotional status of the current generation as well as the possibility of artistic expressions.



In the winter of 2011, the "Yinwu" project emerged out of the shared ambition of several musicians and artists to explore a new form of Chinese music.  Their interest lay in defining an approach to contemporary music that would maintain a distinctive oriental taste.  The concept was simple; with the notion of creating a laboratory-style platform, this group of like-minded people came together with the aim of synthesizing Chinese flute and electronic music, and achieving something new and original.  In Mandarin Chinese, "Yin" refers to one of the themes in music, equivalent to a prelude.  "Wu" is understood here as a transliteration for the number five, which also refers to the five notes used in ancient Chinese music. "Yinwu" is thus a means of injecting new life into ancient music, of endowing it with a new spirit by bringing it into dialogue with the contemporary context.  The meeting of electronic music and Chinese flute on stage is given a visual value through the use of moving image sequences that complete the auditory experience.  "Yinwu" is a dynamic experiment with sound and vision.