OverlordOct. 23, 2017 14:00/19:15  New Space Theatre, STA

Music theatre Overlord is inspired by two traditional Chinese music masterpieces for instrument Pipa -Ambush on All Sides and King Doffs His Armor. Based on historical facts, Overlord portrays Chinese warlord Xiang Yu with music scores, exploring his inner world via different chapters. Unlike other film and traditional Chinese opera adaptations, Overlord does not focus on retelling the story but tries to walk into the overlords’ utter innocence despite ups and downs; his emotions sympathized by the human kind regardless of cultural background or time.

Production Units / Perform: Shanghai Chinese Orchestra


Actor(rank by entrance order):
Pipa:Yu Bing
Percussion Instruments:Jiang Yuanqing
Wind Instruments:Chen Yunying
Ruan:Sha Mo
Zither:Lu Shasha
Invited:Wang Chao
Music Composer、Musical co-ordination:Huang Lei
Director:Fang Yuanyuan
Stage Design:Qiu Yu-wen
Lighting Design:Cao Bingliang
Sound Design:Gu Yu
Costume Design:Li Na
Style Design:Li Zhengyu
Photography:Ni Peiyu
Graphic Design:Z Design

Yu Bing

Yu Bin is a young Pipa player of Shanghai Chinese Orchestra. He is the founder and art director of Yue Zhi Yuan Orchestra as well.

Yu Bin was born in a family of musicians, and started to learn Pipa at six years old. Yu Bin attended elementary school and secondary school that are attached to Shanghai Conservatory of Music; he later graduated from the same university. In 1998, he was admitted to Shanghai Chinese Orchestra and became the first Pipa player in that year.

Yu Bin has a solid foundation in skills; his performance is powerfully emotional, and his personal style is very appealing. For this reason, Yu Bin won the highest award for outstanding performance in "Shanghai Spring International Music Festival", second prize of "Tianhua Cup" National Youth Pipa competition, Gold Record of 2015 in Japan and so on.

In the following years, Yu Bin has been bold in trying cross-border cooperation and promoting Pipa playing and Chinese traditional cultures. Yu Bin has cooperated with Shanghai Symphony Orchestra, Shanghai Opera House, Liza Wang, Ye Xiaogang, and Zahiram Dodo, etc. Yu Bin has been invited to participate in "New Year Concert" at Vienna Golden Hall, "Prague Spring Festival", French tour of "Shanghai World Expo" leadership team, Les Années Chine-France, Aichi World Expo, Latin America Music Festival, 10th anniversary celebration of Hong Kong’s return and 5th anniversary Macao’s return. He has performed all over the world.