Ghost in loveOct. 24th, 2017  Duanjun Theatre, STA


  One is the Millennium flower Nie Xiaoqian, a warm man is infatuated Ningcaichen,the minister is in love in Lan ruoxuan,The evil spirit and the human origin are the water and fire, this pair of lovers, each of their own conception, is for "love". In the fight with yanxia, xiao qian in the original shape, the fierce terror, inadvertently scared to death. In order to save the life of the lover, xiaoqian took off the mandala flower, which made the petals fall and the time fell. Time has kept ning's life and the perfect little qian in his heart. Alas, the mandala is withered and withered……

  Director:Yuan Ye
  Art direction:Xiong Ping`an
  Deputy director:Li Jingquan
  Scriptwriter:Zhou Jinjing
  Producer:Gao Chang
  Music creation:Liu Feng
  Costume design / Makeup modelling:Su Junping
  Light designer:Huang Xinyi
  Stage designer:Ma Lin
  Visual designer:Ma Lin
  Multimedia designer:Lin Tong
  Stage Manager:Lou Yating
  Overall Arrangement:Bai Yang
  Nie Xiaoqian:Feng Yunying
  Ning Caichen:Zhang Liang
  Lao Lao:Yang Li
  Yan Chixia:Wen Dong
  Drums:Liu Shuang
  Pipa:Hui Shuiyao
  Erhu:Yang Yang
  Percussion.:Zhang Jianying
  Producer:Yuan Ye, Chen Xi,Wu Xi
  Production Units :Chongqing 303 Cutural Transmission Co.,Ltd