Snow in Chang’anOct. 25th, 2017  New Space Theatre, STA



  During late Tang Dynasty, a time in history of turbulence and uncertainty, young Li Shanfu met Luo Niang who had been living in the mountains. How would they keep promises built on lies? Two solitary souls embraced each other in silence and sorrow. Rosy dreams were buried in wind and snow.


  This film-textured Kunqu Opera with unsolved mysteries has an unexpectedly lively rhythm. Fantasies and reality seamlessly blend to explore characters’ multidimensional inner selves. These characters then become mirrors, reflecting the era and society. At the same time, this blend creates an invisible dialogue between Chang'an and Zhongnanshan, the most important city and mountain in Chinese culture.


  As the production team, Shanghai Kunqu Opera Troupe has injected youthful vitality into the classical and traditional expression of art.


  * Chang’an, now known as Xi’an in Shaanxi Province, was the capital city for 13 dynasties across the Chinese history.

  Playwright:Yan Xiaoping
  Director:Shen Kuang
  Artistic Director:Wu Shuang
  Actor:Yuan Jia/Ni Xu hao
  Music Design/Orchestrate:Li Qi
  Percussion design:Gao Jun
  Stage Design:Tu Jun
  Costume Design:Xu Hong qing
  Lighting Design:Li Jiajun
  Cosmetic Design:Fan Yili