Vertebra Theatre works Oct. 22-23, 2017  STA Experimental Theatre

      Vertebra Theatre works with director Fu Hong-Zheng to produce physical theatre Fight Me Now in mainland China. It is based on 1:0 , one of his masterpieces in physical aesthetics and part of M.O.V.E. Theatre’s “Sport Series”. Fight Me Now is like a sports show combining ping pong, basketball, baseball, football. Such a mixture creates a refreshing sense of humor. Pure physical movements creates a unique sense tension on the stage. Actors are not just throwing balls to each other on the stage, but throwing their language as well. The show is sometimes relaxing, sometimes violent and dark, sometimes peaceful yet sometimes hysteric. Weakening the role of story and language, physical theatre Fight Me Now puts an emphasis on the creation of situation and physical expression. Sports is used to explore career, family and love - the essential things in life. It also reexamines the dominant male image of being strong and powerful in the Chinese society. People nowadays do not understand the power of softness and the perseverance of humanity. In the face of conflicts they tend to control others, which generates some twisted power. We should all think of more ways to treat our lives.