Drama Oct. 28-29, 2017  STA Experimental Theatre

        Maiden Lindi grew up in a single parent family, Wan Bai was her never-met half-brother, and to see Wan Bai became her dream. But her mother forbade her to contact her schizophrenic father. So, she had to ask her schoolmate Pengcheng to collect her father’s letters on her behalf, hence bringing the two closer and closer to each other.  

        The remarriage decision of Lindi’s mother broke their original life and her stepfather brought his son Yuan Jie to live with them. Life changed and the contradiction between the two children heated up. By chance, Yuan Jie found Lindi's “secret of letters” and Lindi yielded to Yan Jie’s threat and lost her first kiss.

        Pengcheng was planning to bare his heart to his childhood sweetheart. But Yuan Jie distorted the facts in front of Pengcheng, defaming Lindi as an “indecent girl”. Pengcheng, now bereft of reason, raped Lindi after a fierce quarrel with Lindi.

        In despair, Lindi opened his father's last letter, only finding that Wan Bai didn’t even know the existence of her sister….