New media theater Oct. 27-28, 2017  Duanjun Theatre, STA

        As for the overall structure, the theater consists of five works, each is an independent miniature with different forms, ultimately aimed to explore how new media concepts and technical characteristics promote the development or reform of traditional plays, dnace-drama and musical operas in terms of artistic concepts and languages, thus creatng a new theater of media that “reforms”, in a sense, the traditional dramatic forms.  

        As for the performance content, the works of the theater lay stress on re-interpreting traditional Chinese culture and creation myths with the modern writing ideas and techniques used in music, media and drama, looking forward to unearthing the connotations and spirit of the traditional Chinese culture and creation myths in the contemporary context by way of a new theater of media.

        The theater is a creative and synergic effort of numerous artists from various well-reputed universities, including the School of Digital Media of Shanghai Conservatory of Music, School of Digital Media and the School of Digital Media of Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Shanghai Institute of Design of Chinese Academy of Arts, the Department of Digital Media of Xi’An Conservatory of Music, and the Department of Digital Media of Sichuan Conservatory of Music. Resorting to new concepts and techniques of media, Duanjun Stage was creatively modified and in combination with unique music structure and languages, five independent miniature works, including new indoor operas of media like KuaFu Chases after the Sun and the Bird Jingwei Trying to Fill the Sea, and new media opera of Qiang Nationality like You Are My Mountain.