Contemporary Ballet Oct. 23, 2017  Shanghai International Dance Center

       The production takes GROWING as the theme demonstrating the complicated and delicate feelings of the main character who would love to say goodbye to the past through the contemporary vocabulary. A lot of inspiration and details in the production are from the real life of the choreographer. He tries to mix his understanding of life into the melody of classical music.

       When the evening turns dark, when the light fades away, when the time goes by, a lonely man drowns in his own memories. A lonely light gently stands by the dock of the unknown world.

       If he turns off the light, he will be lost in the dark. But if he doesn’t, he will be trapped here forever. What to do? He doesn’t know.We all need to let go the past we created in order to move on. We all need to face the mistakes we made in order to grow up.