Drama Oct. 21-22, 2017  Venue East Rehearsal Room, STA

       In 1890, the Belgian playwright Maeterlinck created <the blind> , depicting a group of blind people waiting for salvation on a desert island, in themidst of a wild and primitive forest. The priest who had led them was dead, but they were still in the infatuation waiting for him to rescue them.As a classic of symbolism drama, this play desalt drama conflicts, focusing on the creation of a thriller atmosphere and mysterious situation, metaphorical and revealing the spiritual reality of the western world at that time. Although more than a hundred years apart, we have revisited today's world, and can also be inspired by this play. This time we're going to reinterpret the original work by creating an interactive and immersive experience. We have no intention to copy the form of traditional stage presentation, but leave the audience and actors in an equality drama environment - a real desert island. In the resetting of the media and the senses, explore the new dramatic effect and restart the thought of the present reality.In this play, the audience will feel an unprecedented sense of hearing.