Contemporary Dance - Whip10.22-23 19:30  Shanghai International Dance Center Experimental Theatre

Whip takes its inspiration from a folk dance of the Bai called The Whip Dance.  It is the most popular one of Bai’s seventy four folk dance genres.  The Whip Dance is saturated with Bai's history and customs.  It represents their humor, primitive simplicity, elegance and energy.  This is Jilan's first international collaboration, working with the talented London based Hong Kong composer Joanne Clara and Marie Cantenys, a famous cloth designer from France.  The lighting design is by Fabiana Piccioli who is based in Rome and has long cooperation with Akram Khan.  Farooq Chaudhry, the co-founder of Akram Khan Dance Company, is the producer of Whip.


Maya Dong

Dong Jilan is a Bai and the Bai are ethnic minority living in the Yunnan Province in China.  Raised in a rural village she grew up with nature-earth, trees, water, fire, heaven, people and animals.  In 2004, when Jilan was twelve, China's iconic choreographer Yang Liping recognised her talents and invited Jilan to join Yunnan Yang Liping Arts & Culture Co., Ltd.  Jilan has danced in Yang’s most important works such as Dynamic Yunnan, Peacock, Under Siege, and Winter Peacock, etc.  She is one of the company's longest serving members.