Physical Theatre 52HZ10.24 14:00/17:30  East Rehearsal Room

“In the vast depths of the ocean, an uncommon voice joins the singing of the other whales. Ordinary whales sing at a frequency of 15-40 Hz, but this special whale sings at 52 Hz.

What does this mean?

It means that other whales can never hear its voice, and so it sings an unrequited song.”



This dream is not the dream of one girl, but of all girls: each of us faces the world alone. But when this dream becomes an eternal nightmare, or perhaps when the girl willingly confuses the dreamworld and reality, at this time, she becomes the lonely whale, transformed into a holy warrior, who dedicates herself to realizing her destiny.

This play is not so much a reflection on the relationship between parents and the millennials, but rather is an expression of the challenges that the younger generation will face as future parents.