Contemporary Guzheng with Chamber Orchestra Metamorphosis-“I Am The Silk Road”10.23, 19:15  New Space Theatre

Cocoon–Metamorphosis “I Am The Silk Road” used modern composition method, western musical instruments, electronic music samples, Jazz, Chinese folk music, religions music, ancient court music and local opera elements. It seeks true harmony and connection of the eastern and western music by taking elements of Chinese philosophy and arts into a contemporary context that reflects Wang’s cross-cultural life experience.

This piece is composed for a chamber formation that includes violin, contra bass, electronics, shakuhachi, bass trombone, saxophone and percussion, to create delicate textures that express both a yearning for home and the restless urge to travel and discover the new.Cocoon–Metamorphosis “I Am The Silk Road” traces Wang’s personal journey from her musical beginnings in the traditions of the guzheng through to her involvement with the avant-garde scene in London and Australia.