POLISH DANCE THEATRE HARVEST10.21~22, 19:30  STA Experimental Theatre

You have passed through the world and you have given shape to the world through your deeds. 
Look into the world, into the shape of the world.

Groans and curses will pursue you, chase after you.
You are as powerful as God, who bears the world on his shoulder.


The Harvest  refers to the rituals accompanying harvest and the cycle of husbandry, nature and human life, conceptualised ethnographically (inspired, among others, by Oskar Kolberg’s studies and Zofia Kossak’s Polish Year), as well as anthropologically and philosophically. The narrative axis of the show is delineated by the trope of the return of Odysseus, based on Homer’s classic epic and Stanisław Wyspiański’s “The Return of Odysseus”.