Drama:I Am the Wind10.24-26 14:15/17:00  Room 107, Red Buiding

Reading the work of Joern Fosse---the minimalist playwright  ,I feel like opening the box of definitions: the ethical relationships of parent ,brother,sister and teacher, the symbols of you , me ,him, her,it, man and woman and the class identifications of  capitalist, farmer, the poor and the rich.Definition is a limit, it limits the boundary of time and memory and reality and illusion. Playwright very enjoyed the process of  “unsolved” . short sentences, a large area of blank and pause centered on sincere relationship, emotion and unrest.

The imaginative ship that Fosse created in the theater is an exist of breaking all definition . It can use any appearance and exist in any space. Bedroom reveals the spirit world of the character who behind Fosse's literature which   is a highly symbolic carrier. The body of the actor and actress become a precisive instrument which shows emotion and dramatic scene and a media that telling story. Their body also show us the division between flesh and thought, closely related fate, summon the light of hope in sorriness and create an linkage with audience's unrest and blank  in thirst. The theater finally begin to refute.