Contemporary Dance - Clouded  

The work Clouded by D.LAB DANCE is to explore a sense of alienation in people's subconscious when they are overwhelmed by the unprecedented technology development in this era.  When we upload all traces of our life to the "cloud", is there no need to hold onto our memories of happiness and sorrow?  In the age of digital "cloud", aren’t we all "cloud"ed?  This work is to bring out the characteristics of a particular group of people through the concept of "Clouded".  Largely affected by the development of digital technology, this group of people become attached to illusions, and immersed in the "safe house" created by sensory pleasure.  They are always searching for things that don’t exist in reality.  The only outlet of their emotions is psychedelic music at night clubs, where they would find temporary relief.  In the work Clouded, we tend to explore their true emotions lying behind the facade they put up.


Qian Tingting

Qian Tingting graduated from Beijing Normal university before moving to join TAO DANCE THEATER and performed in 6 and 7, during which time she received strict training and explored infinite potential of the body.  She joined D.LAB DANCE as full-time dancer and choreographer in 2016.  Her choreographic works: Parabola(2014), Dance!Dance! Dance!(2017) , Invisible(2018), and The Blue Notebooks(2019).  Qian's inspiration comes not only from years of immersion in different dance styles, but also from her close observation of little things in life.  Dance itself is not the only focus of her work.  She tends to merge into her creation the perception of all the changes and different events happening in real life.  Apart from theater performance, she also works with musicians, installation artists and fashion brands.


Duan Jingting

Duan Jingting is a multi-award winning ballerina, an elite contemporary dancer, and a producer of theatre performance.  She was awarded the Judge's Special Prize in Shanghai International Ballet Competition (2001), the Best New Artist of the 20th Varna International Ballet Competition (2002), and the Bronze Medal in the 7th "Taoli Cup" National Dance Competition (2003).  After graduating from Shanghai Dance Academy as valedictorian, she began her career as a dancer in Shanghai Ballet and later joined Hong Kong Ballet and performed many leading roles.  DUAN founded D.LAB DANCE in 2014.  From 2011, Duan premiered a series of theatrical productions that have been highly recognized by the industry and audience, including Shanghai Jungle(2011), LOVE(2014), Invisible Cities(2014), Fragile(2015), The Letter of Love(2016) and Mirage(2017).  In 2016, her works Boundary and Icosahedron were both ranked within the TOP5 Box Office in China's Small Theatre Dance Performances.