Allegorical Drama - Catch Shadows  

Catch Shadows is a story within a story within another story.  There was an island called Shadow Kingdom which was located in Southeast Asia in ancient times.  The islanders were used to catch shadows and contribute to their King in order to save their own lives.  A shadow puppetry artist came to Shadow Kingdom by chance.  During the days of performing for the King, the artist found out the secret of the Shadows and the King.  At the same time, the artist has developed certain subtle relationship with the Blind Queen...  At the end, the artist became a new King, but he can never get into the world of Shadow Puppetry again.  Catch Shadows combines Chinese traditional puppetry and contemporary theater elements.  This works is trying to explore the theme of battles between like a small character and the Mr. Big, individual livings and the time torrent.  What you really desire may become a heavy crown as well as a chain that imprisons you.  In the end, the crown becomes your shadow and it will never leave you.

Co-organizer: China Shanghai International Arts Festival / A Threater Company / A Script Studio / Shanghai Sanzhe Cultural Media Centre


Chu Xia

Chu Xia is a playwright currently works in Nanjing Art Institute.  She graduated with a MFA from Nanjing University, School of Theatre and Film Literature.  She was selected in the international New Writing project of Royal Court and British Council.  Chu Xia’s Works: Elsewhere for Hope (Drama) selected in 8th Beijing Nanluoguxiang Performing Arts Festival (2017), Upstairs and Downstairs (Yue Opera) selected in Jiangsu Literature Award (2018), Invisible Crane (Kun Opera) selected in National Arts Fund (2018).  She always keeps a curious eye at her surroundings.  She tends to tell stories in a serious but absurd style.  She is looking for a balance among story-telling, exchange of emotion and making magic.