Drama “A Madman’s Diary”Oct.22nd 19:15; Oct.23rd 14:00 19:15   STA Theatre

A Madman’s Diary represents our own experience at present. We tried to have dialogue with the madman and Lu Xun.

The stage is made up of stones and bricks and the acting is non-academic. We tried to create a kind of new theatrical aesthetics.


A Madman’s Diary, the first vernacular fiction written by Lu Xun, is seen as the first masterpiece of modern Chinese literature. It was written in April 1918, and then published within the fifth chapter of New Youth, volume 4. Lu Xun once said this fiction “shows the achievement of ‘literary revolution’”, and “inspires young readers by its ‘profound meaning and particular style’”. Therefore, it represents the beginning of new Chinese literature. According to the author, the theme of A Madman’s Diary is “to reveal the harm of family system and traditional propriety”, that is, “eating people”. For most of us in modern society, this fiction is in accordance with our life experience today—confused in faith and mind. And in this drama, we can try to exchange ideas with Lu Xun and his “madman”. The theater work A Madman’s Diary is according to the novel, was directed by Li Jianjun, in 2011.

Original Work Lu Xun

ScriptwriterZhuang Jiayun

Director:  Li Jianjun

Literary adviser Xue Yi

Lighting DesignHan Jiang

Stagecraft DesignTan Zeen

Costume Design Wang Mao

Production ManagerXiao Jing

Music Yang Mingchen