Physical Theatre - Somnolencia  

Somnolencia (“somnolence” in Spanish) is about two attitudes towards changes, especially amongst urban residents. It develops along three dialogues between a well and a river, which are boldly vitalized as a woman in pregnancy and the other delivering.  The focus is put on the different "water" they have: different source, quality, motion and shape; reacting differently to temperature, time, surroundings and landscapes.  In a loose "dialogue form", the well and the river encounters jumping topics in unconstrained set-ups of scenes.  The audience could associate various metaphors of "the water" to their own observation or experience of life.


Luo Yuebing

Luo Yuebing is an independent performing artist in Guangzhou.  She utilizes dance, video, installation and physical theatre to investigate issues of identity, gender relations, cross-influence between individual & community, and humanity embodiment in architecture.  Her major theatre works are best known for the sharp focus of woman.  From 2008, Luo extended her interest to choreography in public space.  As one of the pioneering choreographers, she has completed 6 full-length theatre works, many short pieces and 4 site-specific projects.  Luo has been invited to various festivals, residency programs in South Korea, France, Spain, Germany and Italy.