Contemporary Dance - Sprawling Darkness  

The choreography took inspiration from the novel The Everlasting Regret by the prominent Shanghai female writer Wang Anyi, the most prestigious female writer known for vivid and insightful description of Shanghai.  It focuses not on the glorious skylines of the metropolis, but on the sheets of shadow sprawling under the skyscrapers, where all kinds of people can be found, struggling or being lost in life.  It is the darkness that visualizes the images of Shanghai on the negative film in one’s mind.  The stage starts from a whole sheet of white paper with the rising of “arches” and “doors” shaping the typical lanes and dwellings of Shanghai.  Performers dancing through the “lanes” and darkness give an insightful portrait of real life.


Yin Fang

Born in 1986, Yin Fang was originally a ballet dancer.  He joined Beijing Dance Theater in 2008 and worked with China’s leading modern dance choreographer Wang Yuanyuan.  He also worked as a choreographer in productions like Martlet, Start off on the Road, Movement Copy and Puppet, and has toured in the UK, the USA, Iceland, Germany, Italy, Denmark, Sweden, Holland and Belgium.  In 2012, Yin Fang became an independent dancer and choreographer and has been engaging himself in more contemporary or inter-disciplinary works.  He co-choreographed and starred in the dance drama Haizi, which premiered at China National Center for the Performing Arts.