Concept Concert - Me and TA  

Ta, Chinese for He/Her/lt.  l and TA, is a kind of indescribable luxury.  Ta is music, and friend.  Ta is the necessity of music, and the encounter by chance.  Ta is an unknown fortune.  Ta is existed breathing, and the mark of life.  Ta is a music journey with infinite possibilities.  This will be a music concert with new force rising.  The members of the band are currently the best musicians who all born after 1980s.  It is a truly releasing concert in which cooperative album producers are invited by the guest performers.


Chang Shilei

Chang Shilei was graduated from Shanghai Conservatory of Music, a songwrit-er and golden producer who belongs to the generation of 1980s.  He has peculiar tone, strong control, with diversified creative and productive abilities.  His masterpiece High Song, Brother, and Hawthorn Tree have been widely spread.  He has created many songs and produced albums for Zhang Jie, MoMo Wu, Ivana Wong, Hins Cheung and many other famous singers.  For the produc-tion of the album Gaia for Sandy Lam in 2013, he won the Best Arrangement Award and the Best Album Producer Award in the 24th Golden Melody Awards, and became the first musician in the mainland who won this award.