Experimental Drama “Distance”Oct.20th 18:30; Oct.21st 13:30 18:30  Red Building Room. 107

Performed in domestic drama festivals and receiving much attention and praise.

Bridging the gap between people, break through barriers. As long as we exist, great efforts will be made unswervingly. Switch and explore between abstraction and concretization, time and space.

The purpose of drama is to investigate the “distance" between people. Three in the morning as a static moment, is a metaphor about the strong barriers of reality. People hide the self-consciousness in reality, and refuse to dialogue sincerely with the outside world or other people. The men and women in the drama communicate with the help of drama, and hope to close infinitely to the true of their hearts, and to break the bounding for the individual by the “distance” in real life. They challenge the specific time and place by the several performances at “three in the morning, railroad tracks”.

Acting Company Drama and film creative workshop of Zhongshan University

Co-ProductionMagnetic Gaiety Company


DirectorWang Mingduan

Assistant DirectorLiu Yuyang

Music DesignChang Siliang

Lighting Design Zhenglong

Cast Liu Jingyi

            Liu TIanli


            Wang Guoxi