Musical - Rags’ LoveOct.20th, 2014  Duanjun Theatre, SAT

Rags' Love is about five rags in room 501, unit 8 of a flat.  Their life may not be complicated, but all of them have a great story.  Though busy, they spare some time practicing art.  They occasionally sentimentalize about life, and gradually fall in love with each other in mutual comfort.  As the arrival of a new member - super rag Awei, great change is about to happen.  How can Juan Mao, Hua Gu, Li Li and Da Hei with different personalities fully display their talents, and turn the tide?  12 original songs.  Happy or sad together with exaggerated humorous dance, reflect the identities and unique values of the ordinary people from the angle of rags.


Chen Jiawei

Director Chen Jiawei was graduated from Shanghai Theater Academy majored in directing.  He won the 2011 Shanghai Spring New Talent Award.  His work One Sentence Counts for Ten Thousand was selected to the 15th China Shanghai International Arts Festival: Young Talents Program and Youth Art Week.  He has also won the second session of the National Theatre Culture Award, and silver medal of performance.