Lin Huaimin《Coffee and Salt》 LECTURE (CN))Oct.19th 10:30  New Space Theatre, STA

The Artist Introduction

Lin Huaimin, a renowned international choreographers in Taiwan. Born in 1947 Yu Jiayi, 14 years old start novels, 22 year old publishing "cicada", issix or seven O in Taipei literary world the great writer. In 1972, graduated from Department of University of Iowa English American novel writing class,awarded the degree of master of arts. In 1973, Lin Huaimin founded the firstmodern dance "Chinese world the Cloud Gate Dance", led to thedevelopment of Taiwan modern performing art. In 1999 May the creation of "Cloud Gate 2", to train young choreographer, deep rural and campus for students and the general audience, the show, and often go abroad forprofessional performance, obtain good review numerous.

This year, Lin Huaimin is "to support young artists program" Art Committee members attended the creators Week activities, he will also work with "loose"staged in the sixteenth China Shanghai International Arts festival. Andchecks and some in the late Fu Qing Fang work plan for this year finalistsfour dance commissioned works, hit the main way of expression have provided various, and different improvement direction. Close to the groundand cast the exchange, and encourage the cast was also slightly sentimental young works, to those with artistic enthusiasm of youth are full of faith and confidence.

Works: dance has "without you", "water stains", "listen to the river", "flower","wind" shadow "," cursive Trilogy "," water "," song of a wanderer "," Nine Songs "," legacy 80 out etc.. Published writing include: "cicada", "dance","pass", "with the cloud gate to stray", "high bright eyes", and translated as"Mahabharata" script.