Multimedia video musical 《Code:Cytus》2015/10/20th:20:00; 21st: 19:15 , 20:30  New space Theater

Multi-media Musical: Code: Cytus


Code: Cytusis a brilliant multi-media crossover produced by experts from different fields. Casting musicians, dancers and DJs as protagonists of the story, this unprecedentedly large production integrates multi-media technology, music, dance and drama. Multiple game tasks, interactions with audience, dazzling stage effects and avant-garde costume design as highlights, Code: Cytus creates a virtual-actual theatre space that leads audience into the science-dominated future world.


⑵  Artist Profile

Multimedia Line Producer: Zhan JiaHua

As a new generation of digital-artist and the chief creative officer of Lehuhu Workshop, Zhan focuses on the creation of digital media. He graduated from the Multimedia Animation Art Department of Taipei University of Arts. Zhan won the first prize in the French Digital-Art Festival.  He can lead the spectators to help the creation directly and become part of it, where a discussion between the show and the spectators begins.


Produced by: Lehuhu workshop

Established by Zhan JiaHua and Qiu YiTing,  the workshop’s first work is called--Code: Cytus, aiming to upend the former concept of theater space.