Roots19th, 20th October 2013  STA New Space

We are going to face the conflict of modern culture and traditional culture.
When traditional culture rotted by modern culture, where should the traditional culture go?
It does not mean that traditional culture and modern culture cannot coexist. They need to merge each other and address the contradictories continuously, which may be the best explanation.
As the younger generation, we have the obligation and responsibility to reignite the brightness of traditional culture.
We will find that traditional culture and modern culture could balance themselves in certain areas, and Root will have it all explained.
Root, the cradle of primary, breeding, feeding, educating;
Root, the home of spirituality, peace, pure, true;
Root, the fetter of tenderness, care, bloodline, origin;
Root, the boundless support, free, inclusive, purifying…
Experimental Dance Theatre
Time Oct. 19 14:00 19:15 / Oct. 20 14: 00 19: 15
Venue New Space
General Director: Baima Ciren
Director: Suolang Qundan,Yang Zhen, Zhu Xinyun
Dancer: Suolang Qundan, Baima Ciren ,
Yang Zhen, Zhu Xinyun, Zeng Gui,
Chen Xinglin, Sai Boyuan