And the future echoes19th, 20th October 2013  STA New Space

And the future echoes

This is the dialogue between times, between style and idea. By the virtue of digital effects as well as performance and extension of projection, musicians and dancers’ live performance brings Guqin ancient song, Shanghai old song, modern city and industrial sound together to form the multi music space. As time goes by, it witnessed countless touches, collisions, fractions, and integrations. Since dialogue continues, voice from the bottom of heart becomes clearer.
Multimedia Music Theatre – And the future echoes…
Time Oct.19 14:00 19:15 / Oct.20 14:00 19:15
Venue New Space
Music design and compose: Jeff Tse, Lin Man, Wu Siru
Qin: Lu Xiaozi / Violin: Wang Yingsi / Cello: Feng Rui
Percussion: Zhu Jiachen
Dance design: Zhao Yuanhang
Dancer: Zhao Yuanhang, Tang Tang
Interactive Video Design: Zhang Yinan, Hong Xiao