Rong19th, 20th October 2013  STA Duanjun Theatre

As the descendant of Peking Opera family, QIO shoulders the inborn great trust of inheriting the quintessence of China. Faced with the ever changing world, what feelings does he have and how does he respond to it? Rong is trying to find the expression of time spirit and the consistent lineage of opera charm in the symbolic life. This work develops from the exquisite and vivid facial painting of Peking Opera and follows the painting brush to reflect the rise and fall of the inner emotion. It infuses the Chinese traditional opera (Peking Opera) culture, kung fu (Chen-style Taijiquan) culture, Dunhuang culture as well as "Egyptian Hand" hand culture inspired by the ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs, and thus contributes to the “integration” of cultural and spiritual heritage in the new time and space.
Peking Opera and Street Dance Theatre – Rong
Time Oct.19 14:00 19:30 / Oct.20 14:00 19:30
Venue Duanjun Theatre
Conception: Pan Qin, QIO
Director/ Choreographer: Pan Qin
Peking Opera Performance: QIO
Coordinator: Wang Bing
Composer: Zhang Zhiwei
Dancer: Pan Qin, Xiao Jianye, Wang Hongtao, Ding Hao,
Dong Hao, He Yuan