Experimental Peking Opera "Faust"(China/Italy)Oct.16th  Shanghai Yi Fu Theatre

When Peking opera met Goethe, It is bound to be a huge collision of Chinese and Western culture. The Peking Opera "Faust" which is jointly produced by the China National Peking Opera and the Italian Emilia Romagna theatre fund is such an experimental works that Peking opera art explores the world. Faust, German writer Johann Wolfgang von Goethe’s magnum opus, is adapted from the "Tragedy of the first". It’s a story that Faust of over fifty years old is the most erudite man in contemporary. However, as his desires of the world have yet to meet, he is extremely depressed and intended to die. Driven by the desire, he renewed contract with the evil Mo Fei, who denies and destroys everything, and he became young again. Then Faust immediately fell in crazy love with the girl, Gray Qing, which finally caused her tragedy. "Faust" is in the torture of human’s bottom line and to explore the origin of human’s tragedy -- endless desire.