Stage Play: Tang XianzuOct.25th-Nov.3rd (Rest on Monday)  Shanghai Drama Center D6 Space

In the 26th year of Wanli, Ming Dynasty, Tang Xianzu asked for a long leave from his official position and returned to his hometown—Linchuan. He devoted himself into writing plays. 

Away from politics, accompanied by poetry and drama, there should be no ups and downs in his life.

But, was he willing to live his life in this way?

If so, why did he always have a feeling of anxiety? Why was he always haunted by loneliness?

Did not believe in the romance of The Purple Hairpin, but could not give up the love in The Peony Pavilion.

Did not wake up from The Dream in Nanke, where should he place The Dream in Handan?

In the dream or out of the dream, who can give guidance to Tang Xianzu?

Where should he go for the rest of his life?