Experimental Theatre Yue Opera - The Destiny of RebirthOct. 21st - Oct. 22nd, 2017  New Space Theatre, STA

Three hundred years ago, Chen Duansheng, the author of The Destiny of Rebirth (Zai Sheng Yuan), wrote a heroine Meng Lijun who was ahead of the times but could not break through the shackles of tradition.  Then she stopped writing, leaving the story unfinished.  Today, the adapted story gives more meanings to the heroine. With life billows, Meng Lijun becomes a woman who pursuits equality and freedom.  Meanwhile, she is quite clear that from the viewpoint of the worldly eyes, marriage is the only way for females to be happy.  Even though women are as talented as men, they often feel helpless trying to fulfill their dreams against the reality.  We hope that after "rebirth" of Meng Lijun, her ‘free mind’ will provoke more self-reflection and compassion against women of the modern society.


Xin Yaqin

Xin Yaqin, a national second-grade actress of Yue Opera, graduated from the Traditional Opera School of Shanghai Theatre Academy, has been employed in Honglou Troupe of Shanghai Yue Opera House. She is a part of the opera school of Wang Wenjuan, and studied from Wang Wenjuan, Lv Ruiying and Shan Yangping who are among the great actresses of Yue Opera in different times.  She has starred in many full-scale classic dramas and highlights of Yue Opera, such as A Dream in Red Mansions, The Crap Fairy, Meng Lijun, Beauty Yuji, The Purple Hairpin, A Girl Jiujin and The Unforgettable Encounter.  She has also participated in the "Stage Sisterhood Gala", the 70th anniversary of Yue Opera reforms, the 50th anniversary of the Yue Opera A Dream in Red Mansions, the performance "Qian Li Gong Chan Juan" Gala for Wang Wenjuan’s art, the performance "Yi Dai Feng Hua" Gala for Xu Yulan's art, the closing ceremony performance of the 2nd Yue Opera Festiva; and the lantern gala organized by 15 provinces.  She won the Top 10 Actress Award of the 2nd Yue Opera Actress Competition in 2009, and won the silver award with Shan Hanghang as the duo "Star Route".


Zhou Qian

Zhou Qian, holding the Master’s of Arts degree, graduated from the Department of Drama and Literature of Shanghai Theatre Academy.  She has been employed as the Lecturer in the Department of Drama, Artistic Vocational College of Anhui.  Her script of the microfilm Password won the third-class prize in the first "Yangtze River Delta Micro Film Contest" in 2014.  Her drama script Voting in the Village participated in the 3rd China Campus Drama Festival.  She wrote the online movie Crazy Beauty produced by Fangquan Pictures, and wrote a children's magic show Adventure of Miaomiao in Harry’s Magic Castle for Anhui Performing Arts Group Corporation.  She has frequently been the writer for large-scale comprehensive performances within the province.