Drama Mo FeiOct. 14-17, 2017  STA Experimental Theatre

       The play is an adaptation of Tiesheng Shi's “About a Play Which Uses a Film as Its Backdrop”. The setting is a movie screen, and the main character is a daydreaming alcoholic. The story is narrated by this drunkard who, as intoxicated as he may be, is able to discern society more clearly than the rest of us. And hidden deep in monologues of the drunkard are illusions, dreams, and the provocative truth.

       With the aid of alcohol, he is able to return to the past: to witness the hollow marriage of his parents which gave birth to him, to speak with his innocent former self and warn that boy about the dangers of desire, to touch once again the hand of his ex-wife…

       With the aid of alcohol, he is also able to travel into the future: to observe desolate cities and the last remnant of humanity, to visit his estranged family, and to learn of his own fate – that he will only be found seven days after his death.