Shanghai Theatre Academy Original Musical Drama《My Name is Lu Xiaochuan》Oct. 26, 2017  Duanjun Theatre, STA

        The original modern musical "I Am Lu Xiaochuan" resorted to the dramatic stage, on the one hand, and on the other, it integrated many comedy elements of the northern and southern disciplines and, contrary to traditional musical styles, bravely used the jukebox music so that a feeling of nostalgia, empathy and familiarity ran through the entire musical story line and tunes. The uniquely representative old-time music went in harmony with the dance steps, reminiscent of past loving memories. Moreover, the audience could experience love, find love and what’s more, want to love after reading through LU Xiaochuan’s wisecracking and dramatic stories about love and struggle for survival….   

        "I am Lu Xiaochuan" tells the story of Lu Xiaochuan who experienced a failed love. After that, he believed in no love, but money. He chose to give up even when he met with a girl with true love and he even tried to mislead the girl in his wrong ideas. Later he woke up, only finding that everything seemed too late….

        The completely unconventional modern story will entreat you with a familiar musical experience. Dozens of soul-shocking classic songs about life and love will arouse your affection to interact. Meticulously compiled dances combined with brilliant interpretation of actors will entertain you with a lingering audio and visual feast.