An Amazing Spring DreamOct. 24-25, 2017  Venue East Rehearsal Room, STA

       Lan Tianyu the renowned geisha married Qian Pengzhi the widower and lived a rich and glorious life when Qian was impressed by Lan Tianyu for her playing An Amazing Spring Dream, a dramatic scene in the famous Kun opera entitled the Peony Pavilion. Although General Qian at the age of her grandfather gave all the favors to her, how could her emotional emptiness be filled up? Finally it went just like the predication that “she got a wrong bone”. Mercifully, she was widowed at a very young age, and her love and youth became just the grave objects of Qian Pengzhi.

       Nothing lasts forever and life is just like a dream. When Mrs. Qian was awakened from a dream, she found she was penniless, and could not even keep pace with the times. And her past glories and wealth were just past memories that could never return. Looking back upon the past, everything was like a dream, seemingly having no trace, but haunting everywhere. The dream ended, everything woke up….