Contemporary Dance DANCERSOct. 24, 2017 19:30  Shanghai International Dance Center

Theatre is a magic place, also a place where dreams happen. A red curtain on the stage divides the world into two parts. One is ocean. The other is fire. One is the reality, and the other is the dream. The busy people behind or in front of the red curtain are named dancers, who are also divided into two parts, the stage and the life, the Ideal and themselves.


Artistic Supervisor Chen Feihua
Planner/Scenarist Liang Geluo
Director/Main Performer Zhu jiejing
Dance Director Lou Menghan (Netherlands)
Visual Director Han Jiang
Music Composer Gong Tianpeng
Lighting Designer Yaron Abulafia (Netherlands)
Costume Stylist Zhu Jiejing
Photographer Bao Yanzhou
Graphic Designer Li Decong